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Q: How many guests am I allowed to bring to my appointment?
Mom-to-be is allowed six (6) guests in the ultrasound room. Children are permitted as long as there is another adult present to supervise. 

Q: Can I choose to have my anatomy, dating, or any other diagnostic scan performed at Cherished Image?
Yes. We offer diagnostic imaging, however, our services are self-pay only. Although we do not accept health insurance, we keep our pricing affordable. In comparison to some health plans, an ultrasound with us can be less expensive than your insurance copay, plus all diagnostic exams include 3D/4D imaging. Your diagnostic scan will be read and signed by board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologists.  An itemized receipt can be provided upon request for insurance reimbursement. 

Q: How early can I come in to see my baby?
You can book your early pregnancy package as early as 5 weeks. We'll obtain measurements and give you an estimated due date if you are unsure how far along you are. If we do not see a baby because you are too early, we offer a rescan in 1-2 weeks at no extra charge to you.

Q: How early can I determine my baby's gender?
At Cherished Image, we offer SneakPeek Clinical, which is an on-site gender reveal blood test that can be done as early as 6 weeks. Results will be given the next day.  We can also determine gender as early as 14 weeks with a gender-determination ultrasound. For those planning a gender reveal, we would be more than happy to seal your little surprise in an envelope (please let us know at the time of your ultrasound). Although rare, sometimes the baby does not cooperate, and we cannot determine gender at the first visit. If this is the case, we will bring you back free of charge to rescan in 1-2 weeks from the time of the original appointment.

Q: What if my baby doesn't cooperate for the ultrasound?
It is our goal to make every attempt possible to obtain the best images. Sometimes the baby is face down, i.e., towards your spine, making it difficult to see the baby's face.  In this case, a complimentary rescan will be scheduled.

Q: How do I prepare for my ultrasound?
It is essential for mom to be hydrated to obtain great pictures of your little one. Lack of fluid around the baby can prevent us from seeing as clearly as we would like to. It is always a good thing to drink lots of water throughout your pregnancy, so please remember to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! A full bladder is NOT required at the time of your ultrasound (unless you are less than 12 weeks). If your baby is uncooperative or in an unfavorable position, we will bring you back for a rescan at a discounted rate.

Q: Does insurance cover elective ultrasounds?
Unfortunately, insurance does not cover elective ultrasounds at this time. We offer packages that fit every budget and gladly accept most forms of payment including cash, debit cards, credit cards and Venmo. For diagnostic imaging, some insurance companies/plans will reimburse you for ultrasounds paid out of pocket. An itemized receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement. 

Q: Is ultrasound safe during pregnancy?
Ultrasounds are completely safe for mom and baby as sound waves (not radiation) are used to obtain our images. Ultrasound technology and routine scanning have become standard in prenatal care for over 35 years in the United States.


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